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Organic Benifuki Wakoucha

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Our Organic Benifuki Wakoucha is a rare type of black tea that has been cultivated in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. The Benifuki cultivar has been created specifically for black tea that is delicious when brewed hot or cold.

A dark ruby liqueur with a medium hint of astringency and strong sweet woody notes.

Brewing Instructions 

Brew 2g of this japanese black tea in 250ml of 95-100°C for 2min. If you want to try a cold brew Wakoucha use 5g. in 1l of cold water and leave to infuse for 4-5hrs or ideally overnight in the fridge.  
For GongFu style brewing use 5g in a gaiwan or kyusu with 150-180ml of 100°C water and infuse for 30-45sec.


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