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Chasen Bamboo wisk

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Traditionally the Chasen (茶筅) is handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo and comes in various thicknesses and prongs (“teeth” of the whisk). The purpose of the whisk is to coax the matcha into a homogeneous consistency as the powder tends to clump when in contact with water.

How To Care For Your Chasen Whisk:

  • Do not store it in its original plastic container and always air dry. I store my whisk standing upright.

  •  Do not wash your chasen with soap. Simply run it under hot water and remove all visible signs of matcha. 

  • Pat your chasen dry. 

Chasen Alternatives:The most common substitute for a traditional matcha whisk are electric mixers and milk frothers, However they don't have fine enough whisks to effectively blend and you won't be able to achieve a smooth, even layer of foam.

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