[organic loose leaf tea] - Bristol Chai Project
[organic loose leaf tea] - Bristol Chai Project

Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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Our Organic Ceremonial grade Matcha is made from stone-ground first flush tencha harvested from the Gokou cultivar. Our Matcha has been shaded for over 3 weeks to be able to bring that delicious Umami.

Fragrant, bright green in colour, rich and creamy with savoury-sweet undertones. 

Brewing Instructions

Prepare 1.5-2g of matcha into a matchawan (matcha bowl) and pour 5-10ml of cooled down water and use a chasen to gently stir and create a thick but smooth paste, then pour 80ml of boiling water and whisk as fast as you can in M or W motions until you create a thick creamy foam on the top.  

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