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Jinfeng Oolong

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This Wuyi cliff-grown tea is a semi-oxidized oolong grown in a unique way. Amongst the rocks, crevasses, and peaks of mount Wuyi, which is located in the northeastern part of Fujian Province, China the tea leaves are picked and processed entirely by hand. They are twisted into strips, stout and tough in appearance.

Legend has it that the tea is named after Empress Chen Jinfeng (893-935), the third wife of Wang Janjun, ruler of the state of Min during the Chinese Five Dynasties & Ten Kingdoms period.

The tea itself is both strong and smooth, rich and refreshing with a very unique earthy and floral aroma. It is an ideal drink after meals and has been proven to enhance mental alertness, stimulate appetite and lower body fat.

Tea Information:
Origin: Fujian, China
Ingredients:  Green Tea
Teaspoons: 1-2 per cup 
Brewing Time: 1-3 Minutes 
Water Temp: 90°C

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