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Sencha Ume fukamushi

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Sencha Ume is a fukamushi sencha (深蒸し茶) is a green tea that is initially steamed for a longer time than what it’s considered normal. It’s commonly produced in the prefecture of Shizuoka and this is where our organic teas originate.

The deep steaming process makes the leaves very soft and once they go into the rolling process they break to smaller particles, it can often be mistaken with a low-quality tea but that's not the case. 
When brewed Fukamushicha is darker in colour, bolder, sweeter and the rich taste can win those who haven’t yet found a green tea favorite.

Normally, the steaming process for green tea is determined depending on the farmer's preference, it can vary between 20 - 160sec 

 Asamushicha (浅蒸し茶, light-steamed tea) is a method used more often in Kyoto and surrounding prefectures. This tea is steamed for less than 30 seconds.


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