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Tea ceremony Matcha ceramic set 3 pcs

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This traditional matcha starter set is perfect for all adepts of tea and the traditional Japanese matcha tea ceremony also called “The Way of Tea”. It’s also a great gift for those who are just starting their matcha journey.

Chawan is the traditional bowl used in the Japanese tea ceremony and makes matcha preparation very easy. When whisking matcha with a bamboo whisk (chasen) the tall vertical walls of the bowl help to prevent the water from spilling. The broad bottom of the bowl makes it easy to whisk the powder smoothly inside and quickly obtain the perfect froth on the surface.

Traditional bamboo whisk or “chasen” is an indispensable tool of the Japanese matcha tea ceremony.  The fine, handmade prongs are carved out in a single piece of bamboo by craftsmen whose skills are passed on from generation to generation.  When using a chasen to whisk matcha, it is best to keep a loose and relaxed wrist and make rapid zig-zag motions in the shape of the letter “W” or “M” – this helps to give matcha the ideal frothy texture.

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