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Da Hong Pao - Big Red Robe

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Our new 2022 Da Hong Pao  comes from the WuYi Mountains in the Fujian province, China.  highly prized mineral 'rock taste' smoky notes with under-notes of black pepper and  dog rose. 

There are many stories about the origin of Da Hong Pao’s name. The most famous one says that a long time ago, there was a scholar who was very sick on his way to Beijing for an exam. A monk of Tianxin Temple found him and brewed a bowl of tea picked from Wuyi Mountain for the scholar. After drinking the tea, the scholar felt much better and energetic. A few days later, he won first place in the exam. So he came back to the temple to thank the monk who saved him. Later, he also uses this tea to cure the emperor's illness. The emperor rewarded the scholar with a red robe and asked the scholar to put the red robe on the tea tree. The red robe was considered a high honor at that time. The emperor also gave orders that all officials passing through this place must put their red robes on the tea trees to show the emperor’s gratitude for his healing. After that, the tea trees were named Big Red Robe which in Chinese pronunciation is Da Hong Pao.

The dark leaves produce amber liquor that has a long-lasting, smooth, smoky, and stony flavor with sweet notes of flowers. 

Tea Information:
Origin: Fujian, China
Altitude:  700-900m
Teaspoons: 2g per 200ml
Brewing Time: 1-3 Minutes 
Water Temp: 90°C

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